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Boulton & Cooper Stephensons conduct on site auction sales throughout Yorkshire and the North of England on behalf of all types of client including private businesses, partnerships, corporations, local authorities and insolvency practitioners.



On Instructions from Alec Ward Esq SANDLANDS FARM KIRBY MISPERTON MALTON YO17 6XT SALE OF COMBINE AND EQUIPMENT FRIDAY 13TH JULY 2018 NHTX36 combine 20’ header G244 JRM, Househam 2500LR self-propelled 20m-24m sprayer G743 VFW, Kuhn Master 100 5F Rev plough, Maschio mega 4m power harrow c/w packer, Valpandana 4RM 350 mini tractor, McConnel x bred shakerator c/w packer, Heston 6400 S Rape Swather 14’ A618 RKH, triple gang flat rollers 24’, 4t grain trailer, 3 leg subsoiler c/w press, Parmiter Dallas 6m folding discs, Hatzenbichler Federzahanckegge 12m folding weed harrows, 4 ½” mobile Auger, Bomford hedge cutter, Bomford 12 tine chisel plough, plastic bale press SALE AT 6.00 PM TERMS: CASH VIEWING: SALE DAY ONLY REFRESHMENTS P M PLACE, FRICS / J AYRES-SUMNER MRICS 07702 853697 / 07801 685664


WITHERHOLME FARM STOCK SALE, WHENBY YO61 4SF SATURDAY 9TH JUNE 2018 CATALOGUE OF COWS, CALVES & STORE CATTLE SALE AT 10.30 A.M. WITH EQUIPMENT LOT 1 Galloway Heifer UK100139 500369 Date of Birth 24/6/2015 Calved 1st Calf 24/3/2018 LOT 2 Galloway x Bull Calf UK122137 200262 Date of Birth 24/3/2018 LOT 3 Galloway Heifer UK100139 100379 Date of Birth 6/7/2015 Calved 1st Calf 18/4/2018 LOT 4 Beef Shorthorn x Heifer Calf UK122137 100268 Date of Birth 18/4/2018 LOT 5 Galloway Heifer UK100139 200380 Date of Birth 8/7/2015 Calved 1st Calf 7/4/2018 LOT 6 Beef Shorthorn x Heifer Calf UK122137 600266 Date of Birth 7/4/2018 LOT 7 Galloway Heifer UK100139 600384 Date of Birth 10/7/2015 Calved 1st Calf 6/4/2018 LOT 8 Beef Shorthorn x Bull Calf UK122137 500265 Date of Birth 6/4/2018 LOT 9 Aberdeen Angus x Heifer UK121930 600468 Date of Birth 1/2/2016 Calved 1st Calf 6/4/2018 LOT 10 Beef Shorthorn x Heifer Calf UK122137 400264 Date of Birth 6/4/2018 LOT 11 Beef Shorthorn x Heifer UK182141 600170 Date of Birth 15/3/2016 Calved 1st Calf 31/3/2018 LOT 12 Beef Shorthorn Heifer Calf UK122137 300263 Date of Birth 31/3/2018 LOT 13 Beef Shorthorn Heifer (Orphan) UK122137 700267 Date of Birth 13/4/2018 LOT 14 Galloway Heifer UK100139 200401 Date of Birth 9/1/2016 Calved 1st calf 15/52018 LOT 15 Beef Shorthorn x Bull Calf UK122137 700274 Date of Birth 15/5/2018 LOT 16 Galloway Heifer UK100139 100372 Date of Birth 27/6/2015 Calved 1st Calf 11/5/2018 LOT 17 Beef Shorthorn x Heifer Calf UK122137 600273 Date of Birth 11/5/2018 LOT 18 Galloway Heifer Date of Birth 22/6/2015 Calved 1st Calf 7/5/2018 UK100139 300367 LOT 19 Beef Shorthorn x Bull Calf UK122137 300270 Date of Birth 7/5/2018 LOT 20 Galloway Heifer UK100139 300395 Date of Birth 16/9/2015 Calved 1st Calf 4/5/2018 LOT 21 Beef Shorthorn x Heifer Calf UK122137 200269 Date of Birth 4/5/2018 LOT 22 Belted Galloway Heifer UK100139 200394 Date of Birth 14/9/2015 Calved 1st Calf 9/5/2018 LOT 23 Beef Shorthorn x Bull Calf UK122137 400271 Date of Birth 9/5/2018 LOT 24 Beef Shorthorn x Heifer UK123157 400344 Date of Birth 1/4/2016 Calved 1st Calf 9/5/2018 LOT 25 Beef Shorthorn Heifer x Bull Calf UK122137 500272 Date of Birth 9/5/2018 12 SHORTHORN STORES LOT 26 Beef Shorthorn Steer UK123157 600346 Date of Birth 9/6/2016 LOT 27 Beef Shorthorn Steer UK123157 700347 Date of Birth 30/7/2016 LOT 28 Beef Shorthorn Heifer UK123157 100348 Date of Birth 10/8/2016 LOT 29 Beef Shorthorn Heifer UK123157 200349 Date of Birth 18/9/2016 LOT 30 Beef Shorthorn Heifer UK123157 300350 Date of Birth 2/10/2016 LOT 31 Beef Shorthorn Steer UK123157 400351 Date of Birth 2/1/2017 LOT 32 Beef Shorthorn Steer UK123157 500352 Date of Birth 12/1/2017 LOT 33 Beef Shorthorn Steer UK123157 600353 Date of Birth 21/1/2017 LOT 34 Beef Shorthorn Steer UK123157 700354 Date of Birth 21/1/2017 LOT 35 Beef Shorthorn Steer UK123157 100355 Date of Birth 26/1/2017 LOT 36 Beef Shorthorn Steer UK123157 400358 Date of Birth 25/2/2017 LOT 37 Beef Shorthorn Steer UK123157 500359 Date of Birth 7/3/2017 25 AA x HEREFORD AND LIMOUSIN STORES LOT 38 Limousin x Steer UK121930 200450 Date of Birth 30/10/2015 LOT 39 AA x Steer UK121930 300500 Date of Birth 13/11/2016 LOT 40 AA x Heifer UK121930 700497 Date of Birth 8/11/2016 LOT 41 AA x Heifer UK121930 400501 Date of Birth 13/11/2016 LOT 42 AA x Heifer UK121930 700504 Date of Birth 28/11/2016 LOT 43 AA x Heifer UK121930 200506 Date of Birth 1/12/2016 LOT 44 AA x Heifer UK121930 300507 Date of Birth 10/12/2016 LOT 45 AA x Heifer UK121930 500509 Date of Birth 14/12/2016 LOT 46 AA x Heifer UK121930 600510 Date of Birth 8/12/2016 LOT 47 Limousin x Heifer UK121930 400522 Date of Birth 7/4/2017 LOT 48 Hereford x Steer UK121930 100526 Date of Birth 19/5/2017 LOT 49 Hereford x Steer UK121930 400529 Date of Birth 4/7/2017 LOT 50 Limousin x Heifer UK121930 500530 Date of Birth 7/7/2017 LOT 51 Limousin x Steer UK121930 300535 Date of Birth 13/8/2017 LOT 52 Limousin x Heifer UK121930 400536 Date of Birth 14/8/2017 LOT 53 Hereford x Heifer UK121930 700539 Date of Birth 22/8/2017 LOT 54 Hereford x Heifer UK121930 300542 Date of Birth 18/9/2017 LOT 55 Limousin x Steer UK121930 500544 Date of Birth 26/10/2017 LOT 56 AA x Steer UK121930 300549 Date of Birth 14/11/2017 LOT 57 AA x Heifer UK121930 400550 Date of Birth 22/11/2017 LOT 58 AA x Heifer UK121930 500551 Date of Birth 23/11/2017 LOT 59 AA x Steer UK121930 600552 Date of Birth 23/11/2017 LOT 60 AA x Heifer UK121930 700553 Date of Birth 26/11/2017 LOT 61 AA x Steer UK121930 100554 Date of Birth 26/11/2017 LOT 62 AA x Heifer UK121930 200555 Date of Birth 1/12/2017


WITHERHOLME FARM WHENBY YORK YO61 4SF FARM STOCK SALE 49 CATTLE 55 SHEEP 3 TRACTORS HANDLER SILAGE WAGON FEEDER WAGON SATURDAY 9TH JUNE 2018 CATTLE :- 6 Gall x cows & calves 2 mos, 12 Sh x Blks & Hfrs 12 mos, 25 AA x 4-10 mos (Organic) SHEEP:- 55 Tex & Var x Ewes & Lambs (April born Organic) EQUIPMENT:- MF 4455 Tractor & MF 945 Loader NX 56 HMG 5950 hrs, Fendt F395 GT Tool Carrier NA473 DAT 9600 hrs, Deutz Agroplus 2wd Tractor YX61 ABN 2000 hrs, MF9205 Telehander 2013 2000 hrs, Tines, Manure fork, Grain Bucket, Bale spike & access platform, Pottinger Euro Profi 4500 silage wagon JF SMF 3005 disc mower, Sherbourne Power spread 12 2300 manure spreader, Kuhn Primer trailed straw spreader, Pam Pneum grain handling system, Skiold Rolling Mill, Blanch mixer & Premix Unit, 5 no. Kongskilde Drying bins 14-20 tons, Turner pre cleaner, Suire 2.4m yard sweeper, JD 45 kva generator, Crop fan & motor, Parmiter 2m grass harrow, Teagle Superted 221 mtd Tedder, Welger AP 530 small baler, Farmforce drillmate & Accord combination drill, Scaling 12t grain trailer, Kuhn 230 Pasture Topper, Kuhn Aero 12m Pneum Fert spreader, Airtec 850lr 12m sprayer, Scaling 25’ bale trailer, Cooks Flat 10 bale loader, Cooks Flat 10 bale collector, Lemken 4f slatted mould board plough, Dowdeswell furrow press, Taylor 3m heavy roller, Norman Raw 2 Leg subsoiler, Browns 3m Pasture Aerator, Vaderstaad 6m folding rollers, beet bucket, 4 ½” mobile auger, MEC bale squeezer handler. LIVESTOCK REQUISITES:- Sherbourne Powermix, Pro 11 Feeder Wagon, Var galv feeders, troughs, barriers & gates, Galv sheep handling system, weigh, shedders & footbaths, 2 no feed barrows, Graham Edwards 12’ cattle trailer, cattle crush, Alo Sheargrab; No small tools. BY PERMISSION: Case 856XL 4wd tractor c/w Chilton Loader G660 SCN; Jarmet 600lr Sprayer; PZ Haybob Hay Turner; Scaling 5t Grain Trailer; Rans 5f Conv Plough, Dowdeswell 4f Rev Plough, Parmiter Post Knocker. SALE AT 10.30 AM TERMS: CASH VIEWING: SALE DAY ONLY REFRESHMENTS P M PLACE, FRICS 07702 853697


  • Experience and professional service: our auctions are all conducted by experienced and qualified professionals backed up by specialist support staff and bespoke computerised accounts facilities.
  • Range of auctions: as well as agricultural machinery we also conduct on site sales of all other goods and equipments including livestock, horses, vintage, horticultural, garage & workshop, cars & commercial, building & plant, household & furniture even through to wedding dresses!
  • Maximising value: our expert knowledge of the market place and our extensive contacts in the second hand machinery trade ensure that we achieve maximum exposure and the best possible results.
  • Optimum exposure: our regular sales at the York Auction Centre provide an excellent platform to operate on site auctions with an extensive register of buyers ensuring maximum coverage across the UK and abroad.
  • Guaranteed payment: as members of the RICS we adhere to strict regulations governing clients’ money protection, giving the comfort and knowledge that you are dealing with a professional firm.
  • Internet bidding: live internet bidding is available at our sales through which includes a full catalogue and photographs on line and the ability for bids to be made real time from anywhere across the world.



Contact Philip Place, Rod Cordingley or Jack Ayres-Sumner for more information
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