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July 12th, 2017 - 10:00am



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Category - Miscellaneous (81 Lots)

Lot 1 - view detail

A red folder and contents of German Stamps.

Hammer Price: £55

Lot 2 - view detail

A Gucci Ballpoint Pen from the Accessory Collection, and in original Gucci box.

Hammer Price: £30

Lot 3 - view detail

A Schweppes Advertising Mirror and two gilt framed mirrors.

Hammer Price: £15

Lot 4 - view detail

An Eccles miners safety Lamp and two other lamps.

Hammer Price: £18

Lot 5 - view detail

Two fencing Masks, a jacket and a signed Fencing manual.

Hammer Price: £30

Lot 6 - view detail

Five 1960's canvas USA Mail bags.

Hammer Price: £30

Lot 7 - view detail

An Afghan Bokhara pattern Rug of traditional geometric design and multi-stripe border, 4' 6" (137cms) x 2' 8" (81cms) and one other rug.

Hammer Price: £20

Lot 8 - view detail

A Belgium cotton Indian pattern Rug of geometric design, 3' 11" (120cms) x 2' 3" (70cms), small Bokhara pattern rug and one other.

Hammer Price: £20

Lot 9 - view detail

A Thompson of Kilburn 'Mouseman' oak Book Trough with carved mouse signature. 18" (46cms) wide.

Hammer Price: £180

Lot 10 - view detail

A wooden three division Stationery Rack, Eastern carved wooden box, pair of nut crackers etc.

Hammer Price: £12

Lot 11 - view detail

A Victorian papier mache Letter Rack and four various papier mache jars.

Hammer Price: £28

Lot 12 - view detail

A brass Military Compass inscribed TG & Co London, 1940.

Hammer Price: £20

Lot 12A - view detail

A Victorian walnut Sewing Box inlaid with Tunbridge ware banding and mother of pearl escutcheon and one other.

Hammer Price: £25

Lot 12B - view detail

A collection of British Rail Items including train drivers cap, belt etc.

Hammer Price: £15

Lot 12C - view detail

A Mauchline ware Snuff Box decorated with pheasants.

Hammer Price: £28

Lot 12D - view detail

An LNER Railway Telegraph Insulator and three others.

Hammer Price: £5

Lot 13 - view detail

Three Glengarrys, a military tunic "Princes of Wales Own" and other items.

Hammer Price: £18

Lot 14 - view detail

A box of Football, Rugby and Speedway Programs together with some cricket scoring books.

Hammer Price: £10

Lot 15 - view detail

A box of Coins and various miscellaneous items.

Hammer Price: £18

Lot 16 - view detail

A box of Theatre Programmes and photographs including some with signatures.

Hammer Price: £6

Lot 17 - view detail

A box of Stamp Albums, First Day Cover albums and loose stamps.

Hammer Price: £12

Lot 18 - view detail

A set of fifty John Player R.A.F Badges Cigarette Cards, framed and three other framed sets of cigarette cards.

Hammer Price: £25

Lot 19 - view detail

A number of Cigarette and Trade Card Albums and various loose cards.

Hammer Price: £5

Lot 20 - view detail

A box of Comics including 1930's The Magnet etc.

Hammer Price: £12

Lot 21 - view detail

A gilt plaster Column with raised classical decoration. 2' 9" (84cms) high.

Hammer Price: £15

Lot 22 - view detail

A gilt plaster Wall Plaque of Juno.

Hammer Price: £20

Lot 23 - view detail

A box containing assorted Linen, tray cloths etc.

Hammer Price: £20

Lot 24 - view detail

A large embroidered linen Bedcover.

Hammer Price: £35

Lot 25 - view detail

A Railway Information Rack. 3' 1" (94cms) wide.

Hammer Price: £18

Lot 26 - view detail

An old Underwood manual Typewriter.

Hammer Price: £10

Lot 27 - view detail

An aneroid Barometer in oak case, leather covered tape measure by Rabone and a pair of military binoculars by Taylor Hobson dated 1941 and an oak book trough.

Hammer Price: £25

Lot 28 - view detail

Two Chamber Sticks with glass chimneys, small mantel clock, Sparklets soda and an ice bucket.

Hammer Price: £28

Lot 29 - view detail

A quantity of assorted pre decimal Coins etc.

Hammer Price: £2

Lot 30 - view detail

An album of Victorian GB and Commonwealth Stamps.

Hammer Price: £40

Lot 31 - view detail

A Stockbook of GB Stamps.

Hammer Price: £16

Lot 32 - view detail

A yellow album of GB and Commonwealth Stamps.

Hammer Price: £45

Lot 33 - view detail

A Stanley Gibbons album of GB Stamps.

Hammer Price: £16

Lot 34 - view detail

A green album of mainly Commonwealth Stamps.

Hammer Price: £50

Lot 35 - view detail

A pair of 1930's oak spiral column Table Candlesticks, 10" (26cms) high and one other pair.

Hammer Price: £14

Lot 36 - view detail

A Corgi die cast 1-50 scale, limited edition, Presentation Pack, model no. CC99169, 'Barry Proctor Services Ltd.' 546/1500, as new, never unpacked.

Lot 37 - view detail

Two Stamp Albums and contents of World stamps including early issues.

Hammer Price: £35

Lot 38 - view detail

A box of First day Covers and presentation packs.

Hammer Price: £12

Lot 39 - view detail

A large box of assorted Stamps.

Hammer Price: £15

Lot 40 - view detail

A blue Stockbook and contents of Italian stamps.

Hammer Price: £3

Lot 41 - view detail

A red Album of European stamps.

Hammer Price: £18

Lot 42 - view detail

A Stockbook of Egyptian stamps from the 1920's.

Hammer Price: £4

Lot 43 - view detail

A large Album of Australian stamps from the 1920's including some high values.

Hammer Price: £15

Lot 44 - view detail

A green Stockbook and contents of Commonwealth stamps up to £1.

Hammer Price: £20

Lot 45 - view detail

A blue Stockbook and contents of George VI stamps etc.

Hammer Price: £18

Lot 46 - view detail

An Album of GB Queen Elizabeth II mint stamps.

Hammer Price: £6

Lot 47 - view detail

Two New Age Albums of British Empire and Commonwealth stamps.

Hammer Price: £32

Lot 48 - view detail

A Stockbook of mint GB stamps in blocks.

Hammer Price: £8

Lot 49 - view detail

A large Stockbook of early 20th Century German stamps.

Hammer Price: £38

Lot 50 - view detail

A heavily duplicated collection of GB Stamps.

Hammer Price: £4

Lot 51 - view detail

A yellow Folder of Asian stamps.

Hammer Price: £12

Lot 52 - view detail

A Royal Mail First Day Covers millennium issue Album.

Hammer Price: £16

Lot 53 - view detail

An Album of First Day Covers.

Hammer Price: £10

Lot 54 - view detail

A Lincoln Album and contents of mainly 19th Century stamps.

Hammer Price: £12

Lot 55 - view detail

A Stanley Gibbons Channel Islands collection of Jersey and Guernsey virtually complete from war issues including 1969 high values, pre decimal postage dues etc.

Hammer Price: £32

Lot 56 - view detail

Three Stamp Albums and contents of world stamps.

Hammer Price: £10

Lot 57 - view detail

A green Album and contents of mint and used GB stamps.

Hammer Price: £6

Lot 58 - view detail

A Stockbook of mint GB stamps from the 1920's.

Hammer Price: £15

Lot 59 - view detail

A number of loose Greetings Cards and postcards.

Hammer Price: £42

Lot 60 - view detail

Several Albums of Cigarette and Tea Cards, etc.

Hammer Price: £95

Lot 61 - view detail

A wooden Spinning Wheel.

Hammer Price: £15

Lot 62 - view detail

An Edwardian oval Wall Mirror with bevelled plate in inlaid mahogany frame, 2' 8" (81cms) wide and a framed photograph of a soldier.

Hammer Price: £10

Lot 63 - view detail

A Japanese two panel dwarf Screen decorated with applied birds and flowers. 2' 8" (87cms) high.

Hammer Price: £10

Lot 64 - view detail

An Edwardian inlaid mahogany Coal Box with hinged front panel and a linen box.

Hammer Price: £20

Lot 65 - view detail

An old hand Sewing Machine in wooden case.

Hammer Price: £8

Lot 66 - view detail

A Doll by the British National Doll Company, London with hard plastic head, sleeping eyes and open mouth. 16" (38cms) tall.

Hammer Price: £12

Lot 67 - view detail

An oak Biscuit Barrel with plated cover, Fieldings tea pot stand, crested model of Kepple's column and other items.

Hammer Price: £30

Lot 68 - view detail

An oak three tier folding Cake Stand and a 1930's oak and glass photograph frame.

Hammer Price: £20

Lot 69 - view detail

A box set of glass Table Mats, each inset with a printed hunting scene, boxed.

Hammer Price: £22

Lot 70 - view detail

A Wembley Board Game, Monte Carlo Stirling Moss rally game and other vintage games.

Hammer Price: £10

Lot 71 - view detail

A number of Postcards, cigarette cards, cribbage marker, dominoes etc.

Hammer Price: £35

Lot 72 - view detail

Three Lima 'OO' gauge Super Sprinter Coaches. (boxed)

Hammer Price: £12

Lot 73 - view detail

A Hornby 'OO' gauge Intercity twinpack Power/Dummy Cars model no. R069. (boxed)

Hammer Price: £12

Lot 74 - view detail

A Mantua Tyco 'OO' gauge Burlington Train, coach, travel coach and observation coach, unboxed. (4).

Hammer Price: £8

Lot 75 - view detail

Two wooden Washboards and two stone hot water bottles.

Hammer Price: £22

Lot 76 - view detail

A rub-a-tub galvanised Wash Tub and an oval two handled tub.

Hammer Price: £80

Lot 77 - view detail

A Vintage leather Steamer Trunk by W H Smith, High Street Corner, Bath. 3' (92cms) wide.

Hammer Price: £360

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