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Category - China & Glassware (50 Lots)

Lot 92 - view detail

A Victorian Copper Kettle and two others and a brass saucepan.

Hammer Price: £20

Lot 93 - view detail

A brass Preserve Pan, pair of brass candlesticks, brass bell, hunting horn and one other item.

Hammer Price: £20

Lot 94 - view detail

A 19th Century copper Warming Pan on a turned wooden handle.

Hammer Price: £2

Lot 95 - view detail

Five old copper Possers

Hammer Price: £12

Lot 96 - view detail

Six various old Flat Irons

Hammer Price: £15

Lot 97 - view detail

A Capodimonte figure of a bird, a Capodimonte bust and a nautilus shell vase inscribed J Robertson.

Hammer Price: £8

Lot 98 - view detail

A floral decorated Ewer and Basin and a moss rose pattern ewer.

Hammer Price: £8

Lot 99 - view detail

A Beswick model of a grazing Shire Horse in brown gloss, no. 1050.

Hammer Price: £30

Lot 100 - view detail

A Beswick Shetland Pony, no. 1033 and a Shetland foal, no. 1034, both in brown gloss.

Hammer Price: £8

Lot 101 - view detail

A Beswick model of a Jay No. 2417.

Hammer Price: £20

Lot 102 - view detail

A Beswick model of a Barn Owl No.1046.

Hammer Price: £35

Lot 103 - view detail

A Royal Doulton Whiskey Flask in the form of a short eared owl for Whyte & Mackay.

Lot 103A - view detail

A Beswick Whiskey Flask in the form of a kestrel.

Hammer Price: £20

Lot 103B - view detail

A Hummel Figure "For father" and another of a child playing an accordion.

Lot 103C - view detail

A Hummel Figure "Just Resting" and another "Wayside Harmony".

Hammer Price: £8

Lot 104 - view detail

An Edward VIII Coronation Jug, various coronation mugs and plates etc.

Hammer Price: £25

Lot 105 - view detail

A pottery frog Mug decorated with raised pattern of figures, a stoneware hunting jug, a relief moulded pottery jug and four others.

Hammer Price: £22

Lot 106 - view detail

A quantity of Tea Ware decorated with Chinese figures, early 19th Century tea bowl and saucer, blue and white tea cups etc.

Hammer Price: £14

Lot 107 - view detail

A Victorian Tea Set decorated with an orange border pattern and with moulded decoration comprising eight tea cups, eleven saucers, eleven smaller saucers, tea pot, sucre and cover, milk jug, two bread and butter plates and waste bowl.

Lot 108 - view detail

A floral decorated Cheese Dish and Cover, floral decorated sandwich set and an Old Foley cake stand etc.

Lot 109 - view detail

A Poole pottery shell shape Vase, another Poole vase, Poole pottery plate and a Shorter & Son Bowl.

Lot 110 - view detail

Three Royal Copenhagen Christmas Plates 1975, 1976 and 1978 and a continental oval box and cover.

Hammer Price: £8

Lot 111 - view detail

A seven piece Sandwich Set marked KPM and a miniature Coalport cup, saucer and plate.

Lot 112 - view detail

A quantity of Style Craft Midwinter Table Ware decorated with flowers within a green border, forty one pieces.

Hammer Price: £18

Lot 113 - view detail

A quantity of 19th Century blue and white Tea Ware, Royal Worcester floral decorated plate, Davenport willow pattern pedestal dish etc.

Lot 114 - view detail

Two Beswick Foxes, three Beswick Foxhounds, two damaged.

Hammer Price: £30

Lot 115 - view detail

A Crown Staffordshire part Tea Set and a New Chelsea pattern tea set.

Hammer Price: £10

Lot 116 - view detail

A floral and fruit decorated five piece Toilet Set.

Hammer Price: £10

Lot 117 - view detail

A pair of Orient pattern blue and white Vegetable Dishes and covers, blue and white ewer, basin, soap dish and cover.

Hammer Price: £16

Lot 118 - view detail

A Duchess china Winchester pattern Tea Set comprising six cups and saucers and a milk jug and an Elizabethan coffee set etc.

Lot 119 - view detail

A Victorian leaf pattern green glaze oblong shallow Dish and one other.

Hammer Price: £14

Lot 120 - view detail

A pair of Royal Dux Art Nouveau design baluster Vases decorated with applied figures of a girl and with applied flower heads on a luster ground. 13 1/2" (35cms) high (flower head chipped).

Lot 121 - view detail

A rare Doulton Lambeth late 19th Century drum shape Spittoon, 1890-1900, signed by Emily J Partington, with blue, white, ochres and earthy brown tones. (Small area of damage to bottom rim and small chip on top). 7 1/2" (19cms)

Lot 122 - view detail

A Royal Doulton Character Jug 'The Poacher' D6429, large size and a Beswick Sairy Gamp.

Hammer Price: £16

Lot 123 - view detail

A Beswick Jug decorated with scenes from Hamlet, no. 1146, 8" (20cms) high, and a Beswick cup 'parting is such sweet sorrow'.

Lot 124 - view detail

A Beswick Collie Dog and a Beswick matt Collie (a/f).

Hammer Price: £16

Lot 125 - view detail

A Royal Albert Beatrix Potter Figure Jemima Puddle Duck and another, The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe Knitting.

Hammer Price: £18

Lot 126 - view detail

A Nao Figure of two children sitting on a bench and another of a girl holding two puppies.

Hammer Price: £18

Lot 127 - view detail

A Royal Doulton Rondelay pattern tea set comprising six cups and saucers, thirteen tea plates, tea pot, milk jug, sugar bowl and cover and cake plate.

Hammer Price: £15

Lot 128 - view detail

A Bridgwood Dinner service decorated with sprays of flowers, including graduated oval meat plates, vegetable dish and cover, sauce tureen and cover etc.

Lot 129 - view detail

A Sarreguemine large size character Jug.

Hammer Price: £8

Lot 130 - view detail

A Wedgwood Susie Cooper design Coffee Set decorated in the glen mist pattern, comprising six cups and saucers boxed.

Hammer Price: £12

Lot 131 - view detail

Seven Border Fine Arts Pig Ornaments and four others.

Hammer Price: £16

Lot 132 - view detail

A Royal Doulton figure 'Claire' HN3209 and a Coalport figure 'Emma Hamilton'.

Hammer Price: £20

Lot 133 - view detail

A Coalport figure 'Gail' and two small Coalport figures.

Hammer Price: £22

Lot 134 - view detail

A Royal Doulton limited edition Character Jug of Napoleon, D7237 and two Continental porcelain standing figures of Napoleonic soldiers.

Hammer Price: £28

Lot 135 - view detail

A Nao figure holding a sword and a book, 15" (38cms) high, a pair of small Continental figures, glass commemorative tumbler and other items.

Hammer Price: £14

Lot 136 - view detail

A Fieldings Royal Devon and Devon Ware Toilet Set comprising ewer and basin, pail with wicker handle, pair of chamber pots, toothbrush holder and four other pieces.

Lot 137 - view detail

A Staffordshire pottery Spaniel Ornament with feathered orange glaze another and five other Staffordshire Spaniels.

Hammer Price: £10

Lot 138 - view detail

An early 19th Century Staffordshire pottery standing Figure, another of a shepherd and two 19th Century nursery plates.

Hammer Price: £16

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