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November 22nd, 2017 - 10:00am


BOULTON & COOPER with Stephensons




Viewing: Tuesday 21st November from 2.00pm–7:00pm

& on morning of sale from 9.00am

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Lot 1 - view detail

A wicker Basket and a woven oval basket.

Hammer Price: £8

Lot 2 - view detail

A pair of Yorkshire Masonic Arm Bands, sash etc.

Hammer Price: £2

Lot 3 - view detail

A small oak Collectors Cabinet fitted with four small drawers containing a number of drill bits etc. 9 1/2" (24cms) wide.

Hammer Price: £55

Lot 4 - view detail

A pair of African carved wood standing Figures, he is holding a spear she has a bowl on her head, each approximately 4' 2" (127cms) high.

Hammer Price: £40

Lot 5 - view detail

A pair of oak spiral column Table Candlesticks on circular bases. 16" (41cms) high.

Hammer Price: £24

Lot 6 - view detail

A Fox Mask on a wooden wall shield, mounted by E Allen & Co of Stonegate, York.

Hammer Price: £16

Lot 7 - view detail

A brass mounted Spirit Level, brass Preserve Pan, vintage Hair Clippers, Cutlery Boxes, etc.

Hammer Price: £12

Lot 8 - view detail

A Music Box in rosewood case. 12" (31cms) wide and part of a larger musical box.

Hammer Price: £85

Lot 9 - view detail

A metal Uniform Case by Ede & Ravenscroft the brass plaque inscribed "Sir Benjamin Dawson Bart JP". 3' 4" (102cms) long.

Hammer Price: £50

Lot 10 - view detail

A Vintage Postcard Album of Swiss views with mountaineering scenes etc. and a Book of Hours calendar for 1936.

Hammer Price: £12

Lot 11 - view detail

A box containing a quantity of Edison Phonograph Cylinders.

Hammer Price: £4

Lot 12 - view detail

A box of glass Magic Lantern Slides.

Hammer Price: £18

Lot 13 - view detail

A mahogany Plate Camera and four plates.

Hammer Price: £35

Lot 14 - view detail

A Bell & Howell Cine camera in case, a Pathe Baby Cine Camera and various others.

Hammer Price: £18

Lot 15 - view detail

A Britains horse drawn open cart, Lesney Commer bottle float, Lesney small horse drawn pasteurised milk vehicle and other items.

Hammer Price: £45

Lot 16 - view detail

An oak Inkstand with glass inkwell and pen tray.

Hammer Price: £18

Lot 17 - view detail

A Dunhill Table Lighter in the form of a tankard, a Colibri table lighter and one other.

Hammer Price: £30

Lot 18 - view detail

A Postcard Album and contents of approximately one hundred vintage topographical cards, Mabel Lucy Attwell greetings cards, Bruce Bairnsfather etc.

Hammer Price: £35

Lot 19 - view detail

An unused return Railway Ticket from Husthwaite to Kirkbymoorside, another from Kirkbymoorside to Barton Le Street, ten NER pay cheques from a Hull Loco Shed, luggage and parcel labels etc.

Hammer Price: £30

Lot 20 - view detail

Five Daimler Hub Cap Centre Badges, three motor fuel ration books, Dunlop touring map etc.

Hammer Price: £30

Lot 21 - view detail

A number of Army Badges and buttons, including 4\7DG shoulder badges etc.

Hammer Price: £38

Lot 22 - view detail

A Cigarette Card Album containing 100 Players war decorations and medals Cards, and another Album of assorted Cards including Abdulla British butterflies, Players album of motor cars, Kensington silks etc.

Hammer Price: £15

Lot 23 - view detail

A box of miscellaneous Items including an early light bulb, darning mushroom, bone paper knife and an old players Navy cut paper clip.

Hammer Price: £20

Lot 24 - view detail

Two boxes of Sporting Programmes including football, rugby, horse racing etc.

Hammer Price: £4

Lot 25 - view detail

A box and contents including Coins, wrist watches etc.

Hammer Price: £12

Lot 26 - view detail

A box of Cigarette Card Albums, trade card albums and lose cards.

Hammer Price: £5

Lot 27 - view detail

A box of loose topographical Postcards.

Hammer Price: £2

Lot 28 - view detail

A box of Stamp Albums, covers and loose stamps.

Hammer Price: £12

Lot 29 - view detail

A Photograph Album and contents including circus performers, military etc.

Hammer Price: £70

Lot 30 - view detail

A Postcard Album and contents of vintage topographical cards.

Hammer Price: £12


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