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July 26th, 2017 - 10:00am

A 14ct. engine turned gold Cigarette Case

At The Milton Rooms, Market Place, Malton, North Yorkshire. YO17 7LX

VIEWING: Tuesday 25th July  10.00am – 7.00pm & on morning of sale from 9.00am




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Category - Pictures & Prints (34 Lots)

Lot 361 - view detail

An unsigned still life Oil on Canvas of a vase of pink roses, 17" (44cms) x 14" (36cms) and an old master print.

Estimate £30-40

Hammer Price: £150

Lot 362 - view detail

JOHN PEATY; two boats on the Ure, Oil on Board, signed. 15" (38cms) x 23 1/2" (60cms).

Estimate £50-80

Lot 363 - view detail

An unsigned Watercolour of Dover Harbour with Castle on the hill side. 8 1/2" (22cms) x 12" (31cms).

Estimate £20-40

Hammer Price: £20

Lot 364 - view detail

Indistinctly signed, late Victorian English School Oil on Canvas of figures seated by a river bank. 13 1/2" (34cms) x 17" (43cms).

Estimate £150-200

Hammer Price: £220

Lot 365 - view detail

An unsigned Victorian Oil on Canvas of man seated at an office table, holding a quill pen. 16" (41cms) x 12" (31cms). (unframed)

Estimate £50-80

Hammer Price: £70

Lot 366 - view detail

JOAN K DODDS; Pastel Drawing of a winter woodland scene, signed. 15" (36cms) x 21" (53cms).

Estimate £20-30

Hammer Price: £10

Lot 367 - view detail

MARY HELEN SHAW; a cobbler seated in a rush seat chair working on a shoe, Oil on Board, signed and dated 1893. 35" (89cms) x 27" (69cms).

Estimate £300-500

Hammer Price: £190

Lot 368 - view detail

LLAH. TREBOR; pack horse bridge with cattle in the foreground, Oil on Canvas, signed and dated 1894. 19 1/2" (50cms) x 29" (74cms).

Estimate £200-300

Hammer Price: £110

Lot 369 - view detail

GEORGE WEATHERILL (1810-1890); Whitby Abbey, Watercolour, signed. 4 1/4" (11cms) x 8" (20cms).

Estimate £300-400

Hammer Price: £140

Lot 370 - view detail

A series of five unsigned Pencil Drawings of local views including Yedingham, Norton, Flamborough etc., each 4 1/2" (11cms) x 8 1/2" (16cms) and three other pencil drawings in similar subjects, circa 1930.

Estimate £50-70

Lot 371 - view detail

WILLIAM GREAVES; shepherd and sheep on a country lane, Oil on Board, signed and dated 1918. 13" (33cms) x 19" (49cms).

Estimate £50-80

Hammer Price: £260

Lot 372 - view detail

An unsigned 19th Century English School Oil on Canvas of a hunting scene with a figure on horseback, two dogs etc. 16 1/2" (42cms) x 21" (53cms).

Estimate £70-100

Hammer Price: £240

Lot 373 - view detail

W E TAYLOR; sheep and sheep dog on a country path, Oil on Board, signed and dated 1908, 15 1/2" (39cms) x 24" (61cms) and an unsigned oil of a farmyard scene.

Estimate £50-80

Hammer Price: £45

Lot 374 - view detail

18th Century English School; 'The Political Raree Show, the 1779 Election', in the form of twelve satirical panels published for the West Minster Magazine, June 1779, by Fielding & Walker, 9 1/2" (24cms) x 13" (33cms) and an authentic view of the Crystal Palace at Sydenham, a coloured print, 6" (15cms) x 17" (43cms).

Estimate £70-100

Hammer Price: £120

Lot 375 - view detail

A set of six Bachelors Hall coloured Hunting Prints in reeded ebonised frames.

Estimate £30-50

Hammer Price: £30

Lot 376 - view detail

COOK after HOGARTH; five 18th Century black and white Engravings, "The Rakes Progress" and another from a different series.

Estimate £40-60

Hammer Price: £30

Lot 377 - view detail

After WILLIAMS; a set of four 19th Century coloured Hunting Prints.

Estimate £20-40

Hammer Price: £25

Lot 378 - view detail

Style of Armfield, a pair of Oil Paintings on canvas of sporting dogs. Each 7 1/2" (18cms) x 10 1/2" (27cms).

Estimate £70-100

Hammer Price: £240

Lot 379 - view detail

After GEORGE MORLAND; a coloured Print, "Return from Market" another "The Door of The Village Inn" and one other print.

Estimate £30-50

Hammer Price: £10

Lot 380 - view detail

Harris after Alken; "The First Steeplechase on Record", four coloured Prints published 1839.

Estimate £40-50

Hammer Price: £12

Lot 381 - view detail

A pair of coloured Hunting Prints after Alken, two other hunting prints, a pair of Cries of London prints and others.

Estimate £30-40

Lot 382 - view detail

Ernest Albert Chadwick (1876-1955); "Wellington Near Hereford from the Cottage Homes of England", watercolour, signed. 7" (17cms) x 10" (25cms).

Estimate £100-150

Hammer Price: £380

Lot 383 - view detail

A 19th Century Watercolour of Tudor and Medieval buildings. 11" (28cms) x 16" (41cms).

Estimate £30-50

Hammer Price: £20

Lot 384 - view detail

A Turner; "Westminster from The River Thames", watercolour, signed. 6 3/4" (17cms) x 10" (26cms) and an Edgar Leuchars, another watercolour of Grayshott, Surrey. 8" (20cms) x 10" (26cms).

Estimate £40-60

Hammer Price: £40

Lot 385 - view detail

A Victorian Watercolour heightened in white of a child seated with a dog in oval mount. 17" (43cms) x 13" (33cms) and two watercolours.

Estimate £40-60

Hammer Price: £55

Lot 386 - view detail

H G GRAY; 'Dome of the Rock', Jerusalem, Watercolour, signed. 24" (61cms) x 18" (46cms) .

Estimate £80-120

Hammer Price: £100

Lot 387 - view detail

Circle of THOMAS PHILLIPS; 'Samuel Buck, of Carnaby & Ulley Esq.' Oil on Canvas. 29" (74cms) x 24" (61cms).

Estimate £400-600

Hammer Price: £600

Lot 388 - view detail

An unsigned half length Oil Portrait of a lady in large gilt frame, 32" (81cms) x 26" (66cms) and an overpainted portrait.

Estimate £150-200

Hammer Price: £500

Lot 389 - view detail

ANGELA DOUGLAS CONNER; 'Donkey' a Pen & Ink Study. 14" (36cms) x 18 1/2" (47cms) with Tryon Gallery label.

Estimate £100-150

Hammer Price: £65

Lot 390 - view detail

BAKER after PEARCE; black and white Engraving 'Lord Hawke', to the members of the Badsworth Hunt and a print of the Liverpool steeplechase, 1852, in a tray frame.

Estimate £30-40

Hammer Price: £22

Lot 390A - view detail

After ZOFFANY; a coloured Print 'Colonel Mordaunt's Cock Match' and a coloured print of Mr C Davis, his Majesty's Huntsman.

Estimate £30-50

Hammer Price: £440

Lot 391 - view detail

MAGGIE WOOD; still life Pencil Drawing, a floral coloured print and two frames.

Estimate £20-30

Lot 392 - view detail

After ROWLANDSON; a hand coloured Print 'A Dog Fight', a Vanity Fair print 'The Postmaster General' and one other.

Estimate £20-30

Hammer Price: £20

Lot 393 - view detail

A modern Oil Painting on panel of Victorian children in a heavy gilt frame. 11 1/2" (29cms) x 15 1/2" (39cms).

Estimate £50-70

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