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Category - China & Glassware (68 Lots)

Lot 133 - view detail

A Yuan pattern blue and white Meat Plate, two other Meat Plates and a Staffordshire Spaniel.

Hammer Price: £5

Lot 134 - view detail

An Herend Saucer Dish decorated with carp, three Cloisonné Dishes and an oriental Plate.

Hammer Price: £10

Lot 135 - view detail

Delft blue and white Pilgrim Flask, two Wade Spirit Barrels, 19th century ironstone Plate and other items.

Hammer Price: £10

Lot 136 - view detail

A 19th century French Mantle Vase painted with birds, flowers, etc., and with applied flower heads on a blue and gilt ground, 12" (31cms) high (a/f).

Lot 137 - view detail

A large Victorian Copeland oval Meat Plate decorated with Japanese flowers, 21" (53cms) wide, and a blue and white willow pattern Meat Plate.

Hammer Price: £10

Lot 138 - view detail

A Prattware Pot Lid, four Doulton blue and white Jars, two lustre Dishes, etc.

Hammer Price: £16

Lot 139 - view detail

A Royal Doulton Whiskey Flask in the form of a short eared owl for Whyte & Mackay.

Hammer Price: £16

Lot 140 - view detail

An R J Mack bone china Model of Kestrel on a branch, 7" (17cms) high.

Hammer Price: £18

Lot 141 - view detail

Another R J Mack bone china Model of a Long Tailed Tit on a tree stump, 4 1/2" (11cms) high.

Hammer Price: £10

Lot 142 - view detail

A Royal Doulton Figure "St George" HN2051, second version, head repaired.

Hammer Price: £22

Lot 143 - view detail

A Beswick Model of a Song Thrush no. 2308.

Hammer Price: £40

Lot 144 - view detail

A Beswick Model of a Hereford Bull, no. 1363A, first version.

Hammer Price: £45

Lot 145 - view detail

A Beswick Model of brown Pony with head up, no. 1197, and a Beswick Foal no. 946, first version.

Hammer Price: £32

Lot 146 - view detail

A Staffordshire Pottery King Charles Spaniel, a Creamware two handled Bowl, Biscuit Barrel and a Tile.

Lot 147 - view detail

A Bing & Grondahl Model of a calf and a pair of Bing & Grondahl Figures of kneeling cherubs.

Hammer Price: £15

Lot 148 - view detail

A quantity of assorted Victorian Teaware, Victorian floral decorated Mug inscribed "Avice", etc.

Hammer Price: £28

Lot 149 - view detail

Four Royal Doulton Brambly Hedge pattern Plates, Border Fine Arts Figure of a Donkey, Royal Crown Derby Cream Jug, and other items.

Hammer Price: £22

Lot 150 - view detail

A Victorian Parian ware Bust of the Right Honorable John Bright MP, by Robertson & Leadbeater, Stoke-on-Trent, 15" (38cms) high (wing collar damaged).

Hammer Price: £20

Lot 151 - view detail

A pair of Phoenix ware Vases decorated with flowers in blue and gilt, 13" (33cms) high.

Lot 152 - view detail

A pair of Japanese Imari pattern flask shape Vases decorated in orange and blue, 12" (31cms) high.

Hammer Price: £16

Lot 153 - view detail

A late Victorian Teaset decorated with floral panels within a gilded border, comprising twelve cups and saucers, eleven plates, two bread and butter plates, and a waste bowl.

Hammer Price: £40

Lot 154 - view detail

A Victorian Copeland white glazed Jelly Mould of square design, a circular white glazed Mould, and three others.

Hammer Price: £14

Lot 155 - view detail

A Shelley oval Jelly Mould, 6 1/2" (16cms) wide, a Copeland Mould, and three others.

Hammer Price: £14

Lot 156 - view detail

"The Shilling Teapot Stand" by Deykin & Sons, the reverse printed with a Pickwick scene; a 19th century ironstone square Dish (a/f), a Victorian Comport and a Staffordshire Figure.

Hammer Price: £28

Lot 157 - view detail

A Torquay Pottery Motto-ware Teapot, terracotta Tobacco Jar and Cover, three Aynsley Coffee Cans and Saucers, etc.

Lot 158 - view detail

An Alfred Meakin Columbine pattern Dinner Service comprising six dinner plates, six dessert plates, six side plates and a pair of vegetable dishes and covers.

Lot 159 - view detail

A pair of large pottery King Charles Spaniel Mantle Ornaments, 13" (33cms) high.

Hammer Price: £14

Lot 160 - view detail

A pair of Beswick King Charles Spaniel Ornaments no. 1878, 3" (8cms) high.

Hammer Price: £25

Lot 161 - view detail

A pair of Victorian copper lustre Jugs decorated with a blue panel of raised figures, 6" (15cms) high, and three other copper lustre items.

Hammer Price: £16

Lot 162 - view detail

A 19th century Chinese Vase decorated in blue and white and with four character marked base, 7" (17cms) high (a/f), two prunus pattern Ginger Jars and other items.

Hammer Price: £25

Lot 163 - view detail

A Chelsea Pottery Moorland Crocus pattern Bowl by D Sherwin, 10" (26cms) diameter, a similar oval shallow Dish, Portmeirion Vase and other items.

Lot 164 - view detail

A collection of Studio Pottery including Campden baluster Jug, various other Jugs and Vases, etc.

Lot 165 - view detail

A Newport Pottery Clarice Cliff "Celtic Harvest" pattern Fruit Bowl with plated rim, 7" (17cms) diameter, and a Clarice Cliff small Jar and Cover.

Hammer Price: £50

Lot 166 - view detail

A John Beswick Figure of Jeremy Fisher, a Country Artists Figure of a Basset Hound and three other Figures.

Lot 167 - view detail

A set of four Wade graduated Bell's Whiskey Flasks.

Hammer Price: £6

Lot 168 - view detail

A Beswick Beatrix Potter Figure "Benjamin Bunny" with brown back stamp, and two Royal Doulton Beatrix Potter Figures.

Hammer Price: £18

Lot 169 - view detail

A Nao Figure of a Cat, another of a Girl, and another of three Ducks.

Hammer Price: £32

Lot 170 - view detail

A Beswick Model of a Yorkshire Terrier no. 1944, a Beswick Cairn Terrier and two other Beswick Dogs.

Hammer Price: £36

Lot 171 - view detail

A Sylvac Model of a Cairn Terrier and a Sylvac Spaniel.

Hammer Price: £10

Lot 172 - view detail

A Ringtons Sweet Jar in the form of a bear and four other Ringtons bears.

Hammer Price: £20

Lot 173 - view detail

A pair of Wade Spirit Barrels, Goebel Yellowhammer, Beswick Foal and two other items.

Hammer Price: £20

Lot 174 - view detail

A George V Coronation ribbon Plate and eleven other ribbon Plates.

Hammer Price: £5

Lot 175 - view detail

A stoneware Flagon inscribed "Swan Beverages Pure Table Waters", a modern prunus pattern Jardiniere, and a floral decorated Chamber Pot.

Hammer Price: £18

Lot 176 - view detail

A Royal Albert, Old Country Roses pattern Teaset comprising six cups and saucers, six plates, bread and butter plate, teapot, milk jug and sugar bowl.

Hammer Price: £50

Lot 177 - view detail

Seven Royal Albert Old Country Roses pattern Dinner Plates, ten matching Dessert Bowls, cased set of Teaspoons, a matching Vase and an oval shallow Dish.

Hammer Price: £75

Lot 178 - view detail

Seven Royal Albert Old Country Roses pattern Teacups, nine Saucers and eight Tea Plates.

Hammer Price: £25

Lot 179 - view detail

A Beswick Model of a chestnut Mare and Foal on an irregularly shaped base, no. 953, second version, legs repaired.

Hammer Price: £22

Lot 180 - view detail

A Beswick Model of the racehorse 'Bois Roussel' no. 701, second version in brown gloss.

Hammer Price: £18

Lot 181 - view detail

A Beswick Model of a stocky jogging Mare in palomino gloss, no. 855.

Hammer Price: £28

Lot 182 - view detail

A Beswick Model of a grazing Foal in brown gloss, no. 946, and a Beswick Fox.

Hammer Price: £25

Lot 183 - view detail

A Royal Copenhagen Group of two Canada Geese.

Hammer Price: £42

Lot 184 - view detail

A Beswick grey Mare, a Beswick swish tailed Horse (both a/f), a Goebel Bird, a Lladro Swan and two Russian animal and bird ornaments.

Hammer Price: £18

Lot 185 - view detail

A Beswick Model of an Owl, no. 2026, and Group of two Siamese Kittens.

Hammer Price: £18

Lot 186 - view detail

A Beswick Model of a Donkey, no. 2267A, and a Beswick Fox.

Hammer Price: £42

Lot 187 - view detail

A Beswick Model of a Jersey Calf, no. 1249D, and a Beswick palomino Foal.

Hammer Price: £35

Lot 188 - view detail

A Minton Shalimar pattern Teaset comprising ten cups and saucers, and ten plates.

Hammer Price: £38

Lot 189 - view detail

A Japanese baluster Vase and Cover decorated with figures and landscapes, 12" (31cms) high; another Japanese Vase and Cover (a/f) and a pottery Dog of Foe.

Hammer Price: £20

Lot 190 - view detail

A Fieldings Royal Devon and Devon Ware Toilet Set comprising ewer and basin, pail with wicker handle, pair of chamber pots, toothbrush holder and four other pieces.

Lot 191 - view detail

A Webb Corbett Winston Churchill commemorative Toasting Goblet in case.

Hammer Price: £25

Lot 192 - view detail

A large modern Wedgwood glass Paperweight and two others.

Hammer Price: £20

Lot 193 - view detail

An etched glass Lemonade Set comprising jug and six glasses; a set of six Walsh etched Glasses and other items of table glass.

Hammer Price: £45

Lot 194 - view detail

A cut glass Powder Bowl and Cover, glass Fruit Bowl and other items.

Hammer Price: £10

Lot 195 - view detail

A pair of cranberry glass cylindrical Vases decorated with white enamel lilies of the valley, 9" (23cms) high, and pair of Mary Gregory style blue glass Vases and five other pieces.

Hammer Price: £50

Lot 196 - view detail

A pair of early 19th century triple ring neck glass Decanter with compressed mushroom stoppers, and a pair of cut glass tapering Vases, 12 1/2" (32cms) high.

Hammer Price: £20

Lot 197 - view detail

A pair of green tinted glass Vases with silver collars, etched glass Water Jug, glass Biscuit Barrel, etc.

Hammer Price: £10

Lot 198 - view detail

A pair of glass Sherry Decanters, three glass Rummers and other Table Glass.

Hammer Price: £28

Lot 199 - view detail

A set of six Edinburgh crystal Wine Glasses, boxed.

Hammer Price: £25

Lot 200 - view detail

A green glass Dumpy Paperweight.

Hammer Price: £35

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