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September 27th, 2017 - 10:00am


BOULTON & COOPER with Stephensons




Viewing: Tuesday 26th September from 2.00pm–7:00pm

& on morning of sale from 9.00am

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Category - Books & Pictures (23 Lots)

Lot 245 - view detail

The Boys Own Annual 1909, Girls Own Paper 1892, and various other books.

Hammer Price: £5

Lot 246 - view detail

FRANCIS WALKINGAM; The Tutor's Assistant, circa 1770, another copy dated 1819, and other books.

Hammer Price: £40

Lot 247 - view detail

S SITWELL; British Architects and Craftsmen, published 1945; The Hunters and the Hunted by the same author, a number of Children's Books, etc.

Hammer Price: £5

Lot 248 - view detail

Maw Broon's Cookbook, two volumes.

Lot 249 - view detail

Bulmer's North Yorkshire, Kelly's Directory, and various other books.

Hammer Price: £12

Lot 250 - view detail

Peter Rabbit's Bookshelf containing 23 Beatrix Potter books, 11" (28cms) wide.

Hammer Price: £28

Lot 251 - view detail

A box of Fiction Books.

Hammer Price: £2

Lot 252 - view detail

A box of Travel Writing Books.

Hammer Price: £5

Lot 253 - view detail

A box of Theological Lecture Pamphlets.

Lot 254 - view detail

Two boxes of Religious Books.

Lot 255 - view detail

A box of mostly French Books.

Lot 256 - view detail

A box of miscellaneous Books.

Lot 257 - view detail

A box of Books on Religious Thought.

Lot 258 - view detail

A modern Oil on Canvas of a stormy sea, 15" (38cms) x 20" (51cms) in a gilt frame and a pair of smaller Oil Paintings.

Hammer Price: £16

Lot 259 - view detail

A large modern Oil Painting of a Venetian scene, 23 1/2" (59cms) x 35" (89cms).

Hammer Price: £75

Lot 260 - view detail

A small floral Watercolour and a number of other Pictures.

Hammer Price: £2

Lot 261 - view detail

After ROSA BONHEUR; a pair of black and white Engravings "The Horse Fair" and "Morning in the Highlands", each 8" (20cms) x 16" (41cms).

Hammer Price: £8

Lot 262 - view detail

A coloured Print of Mary Pickford and three other Prints in similar subjects.

Hammer Price: £14

Lot 263 - view detail

An Oleograph of a Cart Horse, poultry, etc., 21" (53cms) x 30" (76cms).

Hammer Price: £30

Lot 264 - view detail

A coloured Print after Heaton Cooper, four coloured Prints after David Andrews and one other.

Lot 265 - view detail

A Victorian coloured Engraving, a black and white Print after Arthur Drummond, and other Pictures.

Hammer Price: £5

Lot 266 - view detail

A 19th century Needlework Sampler with alphabet, etc., in an oak frame, and a smaller sampler by Margaret Briddon 1885.

Hammer Price: £12

Lot 267 - view detail

W GRAY; lake landscape with castle ruins, Oil on Canvas, signed. 14" (36cms) x 19 1/2" (49cms)

Hammer Price: £15

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