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February 11th, 2015 - 10:00am


Closing date for entries 29.01.15

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Lot 1 - view detail

A number of black and white Photographs by J B Sutcliff, Newspapers, etc.

Hammer Price: £10

Lot 2 - view detail

A number of Cigarette Card Albums, a trade card album, etc.

Hammer Price: £20

Lot 3 - view detail

Coinage of Belize sterling silver Proof Set (cased), Barbados proof set and two others.

Hammer Price: £75

Lot 4 - view detail

A number of Commemorative Crowns and a 1999 American silver dollar.

Hammer Price: £48

Lot 5 - view detail

A tin of Foreign Coins and a bag of pre decimal GB coinage etc.

Hammer Price: £20

Lot 6 - view detail

A quantity of Pennies from 1860-1967 in a tub, including two albums containing 1902, low tide, and all Heaton Kings Norton pennies, 1912, 1918 and 1919, plus a 1953 penny.

Hammer Price: £14

Lot 7 - view detail

A Whitman album of Victorian Pennies 1875-1901, fourteen in total plus two Victorian half pennies. (16).

Hammer Price: £6

Lot 8 - view detail

A Voigtlander Ultramatic CS Camera with additional lenses etc.

Hammer Price: £140

Lot 9 - view detail

A Corgi die cast metal Model of an Avro Vulcan Plane, another metal Model of a Spitfire on an oval plinth, and eight other die cast metal Model Aeroplanes.

Hammer Price: £28

Lot 10 - view detail

A die cast metal Model of a Flying Fortress on a wooden plinth and eight other die cast Model Aeroplanes.

Hammer Price: £28

Lot 11 - view detail

David Cornell, a bronze Figure of Racehorse and Jockey dated 1985 set on a marble plinth, 8" (20cms) long, and another "Bechers Brook" produced for the National Horse Racing Museum.

Hammer Price: £170

Lot 12 - view detail

A number of Wristwatch and Pocket Watch Parts, dials, movements, spares, etc.

Hammer Price: £10

Lot 13 - view detail

A Kukri, two brass shell cases, Indian knife etc.

Hammer Price: £28

Lot 14 - view detail

A small collection of loose Trade and Cigarette Cards including full set of Wills' Animalloys, etc.

Hammer Price: £12

Lot 15 - view detail

A Colibri Powder Compact, Notecase, etc.

Hammer Price: £5

Lot 16 - view detail

A Penknife inscribed 'July 1945', and five others.

Hammer Price: £8

Lot 17 - view detail

A set of six FDC's commemorating the 1900th anniversary of York, and various others.

Lot 18 - view detail

A box of loose Postcards, Greetings Cards, etc.

Lot 19 - view detail

A World War I medal ribbon Bar Brooch, Parachute Regiment Cloth Insignia, etc.

Hammer Price: £32

Lot 20 - view detail

A number of railway related Items, including two Railway Accident Reports on derailments, Railway Regulation Book, and other items.

Hammer Price: £26

Lot 21 - view detail

A tub of assorted Marbles.

Hammer Price: £5

Lot 22 - view detail

A number of Trade Cards, including sports sets, Olympic greats, etc.

Hammer Price: £12

Lot 23 - view detail

A Victorian papier mache Crumb Tray with applied scrap work decoration, and seven Agate Slabs.

Lot 24 - view detail

A collection of Titanic Replica Ephemera, including letters, telegram, etc.

Lot 25 - view detail

Two Solingen Cut Throat Razors in original boxes.

Lot 26 - view detail

Two albums of World mix Stamps, plus FDCs etc.

Hammer Price: £30

Lot 27 - view detail

To Henry Firbank S.P.O. R.N; a group of four WWI Medals, comprising War Medal, Victory Medal, 1914-15 Star and George V Long Service & Good Conduct Medal inscribed 'H.M.S. Furious' and two other medals.

Hammer Price: £240

Lot 28 - view detail

An early 20th century Trunk with leather corner pieces, dated 29th August 1910, 20" (51cms) wide.

Hammer Price: £55

Lot 29 - view detail

A number of Trade Card Albums, loose cards, photographs, postcards etc.

Hammer Price: £12

Lot 30 - view detail

A scale built Model of a Victorian Steam Launch "Mabel", Windermere, in a glazed display case, 3' (29cms) long.

Hammer Price: £220


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