Renewable Energy

BoultonCooper advise on renewable energy on agricultural, residential and commercial property. We have advised clients on renewable energy schemes including options, leases and the pitfalls of some common standard agreements.


  • Wind farms – Commercial scale wind farms with long term lease arrangements including site appraisal and assessment of competing tenders.
  • Farm scale wind turbines under the feed-in tariff scheme – including purchase of turbine, lease and other options.
  • Solar panels – ground and building based solar panel schemes varying from single buildings to solar farms.
  • Anaerobic digestion – the economics of anaerobic digestion are improving and we see this as being an area likely to expand, particularly where dairy or poultry manure is available together with land suitable for maize growing.
  • Biomass – district heating system based on biomass boilers are now worth looking at under the renewable heat incentive programme.
  • Advice – We are able to provide an overview of options, advantages and disadvantages, and to provide contact to relevant companies.



Contact the Renewable Energy Team Leader

Rod Cordingley
01653 692151

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